to Port Chester Votes!

                 A Second Historic Election for Port Chester Voters!"

On March 19, Port Chester Voters again will make history.
You will have a unique opportunity to make a difference with your vote.

  • On March 19, you will elect the Mayor and every member of the Board of Trustees: In most elections you elect only two members of the Board of Trustees. Voters will elect all six trustees. In this upcoming election, we will also have candidates running for Mayor.   
  • You will vote in March: Regular Village Board of Trustee elections are ususally held in March, the upcoming Village Election Day will be March 19th.
  • You can vote up to a week before Election Day for the Board of Trustees: Port Chester continues to be the only community in New York State to allow early voting to increase access. You can vote at Village Hall from 9 am to 8 pm on Tuesday through Friday and from 9am to 5 pm on Saturday from March12th until March 16th. The Mayoral race will be part of the Early Voting process
  • You have the power to award your six votes for the Board of Trustees as you wish: In the past, voters cast as many votes as there were seats up for election, but voters could only give one vote to each trustee candidate. With our new cumulative voting system, you have the power to cast your votes exactly as you wish, including casting more than one vote for your favorite trustee candidate.